Paak Poori

This dish is popular in Dharwad(north Karnataka). I got this recipe from my cousin,Sumati, who is in New Jersey.


Mix all the above ingredients by adding water/milk bit by bit. The dough should be hard. while mixing add 2 tbsp of ghee. Let it rest for one hour.

After 1 hour pound the dough with pestle or rolling pin. Take a ball size dough and roll it large. Apply ghee/oil .Take one edge and fold it till the center.Apply ghee on the top part of folded layer. Then again fold it to join the other end of the circle. Apply ghee and roll it the other way and dust it with rice flour and roll it a little bit.

Deep fry it in a frying pan and transfer the fried one to a sugar syrup pan. Dip it fully and remove it immediately. Serve it hot.
To make syrup: Take equal quantities of sugar and water and allow it to boil rigorously. To know if the syrup is ready or not put a drop of syrup in a cold water. If it settles in the bottom, the syrup is ready.