Khobri Holige(Coconut Poli)

This dish is very popular in North Karnataka. This recipe was given by my sister who is in Belgaum, Karnataka.


1.Take a non-stick pan and place it on a medium set stove top. Put jaggery and coconut in pan. Allow it cook thoroughly. Add cardamom in that and mix it well. Keep stirring in between. The consistency should be thick like chana puran. Once it gets thickened allow it to cool. Make small balls out of it.

2.Meanwhile, make a dough by taking maida(all purpose flour), and oil. Add water bit by bit until it forms into a soft dough. It should be soft and a bit oily.

3.Heat the griddle or tava(pan) on the stove top. Take a small ball size dough and roll it. Take coconut hoorna ball and stuff it in the dough. Dust with rice flour and start rolling it. Roll it nicely and put it on a pan.Pour 1 tsp of ghee onto it. Flip it over and allow it to get cooked thoroughly. While serving apply a tsp of ghee.