Bise Bele Bhaath


For Masala Powder:


1 and 1/2 cups of dry long grained rice and toor Dal

Tamarind water - 1/2 cup Salt to taste


Dry roast the dals and dhania, jeera, red chillies, menthya. roast cinnamon with little bit of ghee. separately dry roast coconut. Allow them to cool. then grind it to a powder.
Cut the vegetables and cook them in little bit of oil.
Pressure cook rice, toor dal and one-fourth cup of peanuts. Once it is cooked add tamarind water, masala powder(prepared as above) and salt to taste. Add the cooked vegetables and stir it well.
In a small nonstick pan heat 3 tbsp of ghee. Add Chana dal(2 tsp), hing and a pinch of turmeric. Pour this onto the prepared bhaath.

THis dish is very filling and goes well with potato chips and sandige.